Though returns in the lettings market in North London are extremely attractive, HMO property offers you as a Landlord an even more lucrative return on your investment.

However, the management of HMOs (Houses of Multiple Occupancy) can be particularly time consuming, with additional compliances and certifications to deal with in addition to the administration of perhaps 5 or 6 individual tenants.


North London HMO managing agents

North London HMO managing agents

At Ariston Property, we have a huge amount of experience in letting and managing HMO properties.

We look after HMOs across our area, which takes in HMOs in Hornsey Rise, Archway, Finsbury Park, Holloway, Crouch End, Stroud Green, Islington and surrounds.

We can advise you on whether or not your North London HMO will require a licence, as well as on the various safety regulations (fire safety, planning etc) with which you must comply.

Quality tenants for your North London HMO

Managing HMOs requires both technical expertise and diplomacy.

The property will usually be occupied by individuals with no prior relationships, and so care is required to keep the property tenanted while balancing the mix of occupants. In the end, the tenants have to co-exist, even if only when passing in the hallway, and so we go out of our way to place compatible individuals.

We have a continuous demand from professionals (in particular young professionals) who would like to rent rooms in HMOs in North London, and so specialise in keeping properties full and thus avoiding voids which erode return.

Our HMO management services

Our HMO management services

In managing your North London HMO property, we will:

  • handle all dealings with the relevant local authority to ensure you have the correct HMO licence (if required)
  • advise you on any work required to bring the property up to full compliance or to maintain condition and so reduce voids
  • make regular visits to inspect the communal areas
  • organise all maintenance and cleaning 
  • manage all inventories
  • obtain and keep up to date Energy Performance Certificates and Gas Safety and Electrical Test certificates
  • act as the contact point for all enquiries and problems from your tenants


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