If you own a leasehold flat in a block and have been directed to this page, then we are the management company which looks after the building and its common parts on behalf of the freeholder.

(If you, as a leaseholder, own a share in the freehold along with the other leaseholders, then the committee of the freehold owning company of which you are a shareholder may have appointed us to manage the block.)

What we do in our role as block managers

What we do in our role as block managers

It is our responsibility to look after the building on behalf of the freeholder (whether that is a third party or a collective of the leaseholders, as described above.)

We collect ground rent and service charges from each leaseholder, and ensure the maintenance and upkeep of the common parts of the building.

Pay fees

If you have been notified that you have a fee to pay to the freeholder of your block, you can do this here.

Report a repair

Report a repair

If you spot that some aspect of the common parts of your building requires maintenance or upkeep, please tell us about this here.


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